Specialised Insurance For The Tourism Industry

Secure your world with our specialized insurance solutions, offering comprehensive coverage for personal, commercial, and tourism sectors. Backed by leading providers, we deliver peace of mind through tailored protection for all your needs.


In the diverse landscape of Africa's accommodation sector, SATIB Africa Botswana understands the unique risks faced by business owners, from quaint B&Bs to luxurious city hotels and remote bush resorts. Recognizing that each establishment requires tailored insurance solutions, our experienced team specializes in identifying and providing the specific coverage and extensions your business needs. With SATIB, you can concentrate on offering exceptional hospitality experiences, knowing your business is comprehensively protected.


Africa's tourism thrives on its diverse transport options, from game drives to hot air balloons. SATIB Africa Botswana understands this critical aspect, offering specialized transport insurance that spans motor, marine, and aviation. Our solutions provide robust protection for fare-paying passengers, with additional options for personal accident cover. Whether for independent travelers or comprehensive safety needs, trust us to secure your journeys across this majestic land.


Understanding the complexities faced by tour operators, travel agents, and DMCs, SATIB Africa Botswana provides tailored insurance for potential financial and reputational risks stemming from booking errors or negligence. Our coverage extends globally, ensuring protection regardless of your clients' travel destinations. With our comprehensive plans, you can focus on creating unforgettable travel experiences, secure in the knowledge that your business is safeguarded against the unexpected.


SATIB Africa Botswana provides essential wildlife insurance, covering situations from auctions and translocations to breeding facilities and disease control. Our policies include capture risk insurance, protecting against accidents during animal handling, and comprehensive cover for natural disasters like fire, storm, and lightning. We also ensure safety in animal transport and veterinary procedures, safeguarding against various risks associated with wildlife management and conservation.

At SATIB Africa Botswana, we are committed to nurturing the growth and sustainability of the tourism industry through our tailored insurance products. Trust us to be your partner in navigating the unique challenges of the tourism sector.

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